Love Italian Subs(heroes, grinders, hoagies)? Look for the Red Truck. While there are plenty of places to eat in Mid-Town, really good Italian heroes are hard to find. On my way back to the office I passed by the food trucks lined up on 46th between 5th and 6th and saw a good sized line in front of a Red Food Truck with DiSo’s Italian Sandwich Society written on it. I walk over look at the crowd waiting (these guys clearly grew up eating Italian heroes) then take one look at the menu and I’m on line with them. 

The menu breaks the sandwiches down by the primary meat in it, chicken, salami, combo, etc and DiSo’s even offers 1/2 dozen veggie options to choose from. After you decide on your sandwich(which is not easy), you choose which bread, (Rustic Italian, ciabatta or faccacio) you want it on. 

Thus far I’ve had two, both specials. The Fonz tops chicken cutlet with prosciutto, provolone, hot cherry peppers and more. The Roast Beef special has along with the beef, prosciutto, provolone and their special ricotta cheese and balsamic spread. How good, after two I’m a regular now and I sent an office bud who came back raving about how good his sub was. 

Of note, they source their meats and cheeses from old school shops like DiPalo’s of Little Italy and the like. So while DiSo’s heroes average $12 for a whole and $9 for a half ( specials of the day are a bit more) you get what you pay for. A great “right-sized” sandwich made with high quality ingredients. 

Look for DiSo’s Red Food Truck via @DiSOSNYC 


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