Who else but the French would put a shop in Soho offering not just a wide variety of Cheeses from the various regions, but also how to eat it them, how to serve them (ie proper cheese boards to use ,I like the ones cut like clouds) and have on hand Cheese experts. 

There was no way I getting out without picking up anything so I had it down between two of their cheeses. I was told the Delice De Borgogne was nice, creamy and spreadable. Nice for girls to share. Ok but what if I were to share it with nice girl? The Bleu D’Auvergne I was informed is more robust and strong…better for me to snack on or share with a Woman. Well whom an I to question a frommage connoisseur (plus I love Bleu Cheeses).

Thus I went Bleu along with a box of au natural crackers that were packed away in a cute black reuseable insulated bag with the names of French cheeses emblazoned upon it. It will definitely look better held by a pretty French girl, but will get plenty of use in my backpack with hitting the beach and pool. 

Of note, the French Cheese Board will host events that will include Cheese Sculptors (did I mention who rise but the French…) and tastings. If you have a thing for French formage and want to learn more about them while trying some hard to find cheeses check this place out. 

French Cheese Board is located at 41 Spring Street 


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