I’ve been a big fan of Chef Danny Bowein’s ever since I first ate at  Mission Chinese which so exceeded the hype. When he first opened Mission Cantina I really liked it and recently re-hit it to check out the updated menu. 

The menu is a mix of Chinese, Mexican and of course a fusion of the two plus some LES sprinkled in. I started with an Aloe Cucumber Melon Margarita from the Margarita menu which was cool and refreshing.  

We ordered the Scallop Chorizo Ceviche , Fish Tacos and General Tso’s Chicken to share. First up was the General Tso’s Chicken served in a spicy garlic sauce. Quite simply a superior version of the classic. 

Next came the Crispy Fish Tacos (2) with Avocado on top with a side of Rice and Beans. Now while they were good…$23 for two fish tacos with small bowls of rice and beans is a bit over-priced. 

Last came what we expected to show up first, the Scallop Chorizo Ceviche which sounded great but didn’t work. The cooked Chorizo made the Scallops warm which made them taste funky…one of the rare cases I sent a dish back. 

This was accepted graciously by our waiter and he recommended getting one of the Mission Burrito’s “ChinaTown style” which packed more of the the same but great Generals chicken. This is the dish you need to come here for. I like the place, I just think they need to tweak the menu a bit. 

Mission Cantina is located at 172 Orchard Street 


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