Strolling along West Broadway towards Houston Street I was wondering who took over the previous gallery space that was there for years. As I get closer I see that not only is it occupied, but the Artwork in the window looks familiar. Psyched to say the least that some clothing retail chain didn’t take the space.

I I first discovered the Metaphorical Realism works of Vladimir Kush on a business trip to Vegas. I loved his surrealistic fantasy like settings and figures, use of color and of metaphor in his works. He has been referred to as the Russian Dali

His collection is primarily Oil paintings though he does Bronze sculptures as well. What I found very interesting is the he does watercolors of his works first to lay them out, but he doesn’t just do a basic rough version, these are full on paintings in their own right.  

Check out some samples of his works below, better yet, see them for yourself now that he has a gallery in NYC. 
Vladimir Kush Gallery is located at 473 West Broadway 


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