Travel Massive in conjunction with the Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel, Florida recently had a fun event to celebrate #NationalSeashellDay at The Happiest Hour. It’s a cool spot that looks like and makes you feel like you are down in the Keys with Palm tree wallpaper and turquoise banquets. A perfect setting for the event. 

They have a full bar and fun selection of drinks with names like Surfer Girl and my fave Maid to Order(Mint, Cucumber, Lime juice and Vodka). While in many places these drinks turn out too sweet that was not the case here whatsoever. The drinks here are perfectly balanced with just the right amount of sweet and enough of a punch to remind you you’re drinking a cocktail. 

If you get hungry they have a nice little menu of upscale pub grub that includes classic tasty Cheeseburgers, Salt and Pepper Broccoli and Bonsai Fried Chicken. The Happiest Hour is great spot to get away from it all…at least for a few hours or so. 

The Happiest Hour is located at 121 West 10th Ave 


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