Alidoro’s, well known for their amazing Italian hero’s in Soho for years has recently opened up a sister location on East 39th Street. Now while of course you are going to come here for lunch…you need to start coming here for one or the best breakfast sandwiches in the city. 
They offer four to choose from, my fave being the Carlo, a poached egg with Porcheta, hot cherry pepper spread and piave cheese (an Italian cow’s milk)on brioche, on a subsequent visit I had the Maria with Gran Biscotto Ham and piave which pretty much blows away your typical ham, egg and cheese. 

I figured since it is only $3.50 I would need two, but I was assured one would be plenty which it was, plus delicious. Of course while waiting for it and seeing the baked goods I had to get a Nutella Alidoro, a donut twist filled with canolli cream or chocolate Nutella which is rather tasty. Of note, their Coffee is very good as well. 

The space is fairly large with community tables in the back if you’re going to eat in. The staff is great and very accommodating. Now I just need to get here for lunch for their awesome sandwiches…

Alidoro’s is located at 18 East 39th


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