After a hitting a number of spots in Greenpoint for beverages it was time for a bite to eat. While walking along Manhattan Ave came upon Cherry Point, a spot I recently read about and decided to pop in and check it out. Up front they have long beautiful copper topped bar which is where we grabbed seats. 

Although they have some interesting sounding cocktails and a nice Wine selection we decided to stick with beers and ordered up Greenport IPA’s. The food menu is made up of Charcuterie that is house made, starters and mains and a few specials. 
To start we shared the Grilled Oysters with smoked Rosemary hollandaise and black lime. I generally prefer my Oysters raw but these were only lightly grilled and the hollandaise was outrageous making these some of he best cooked bivalves I’ve had. 

For the main we split the special of the evening a Pork Porterhouse with potatoes and greens. Special in this case is quite the understatement. This needs to be put on the menu full-time in its own section on the menu. Absolutely succulent, juicy, my mouth still waters for it. It was so damn good that there wasn’t even any of the fat left. Don’t forget to request some toast to mop up the drippings…

Cherry Point is located at 664 Manhattan Ave 


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