Finally…Long Beach by the beach has a great spot for Coffee. I’ve never understood how there was nowhere to get a good cup by the train or beach but now GentleBrew has a spot literally on the boardwalk right by the Allegre Hotel on National and a spot on East Park Ave by the LIRR. 

I love their Cold Brew and they have all the usual suspects plus baked goods and Ice Cream sammies(sandwiches). Of note, they do Affogato’s which I love…though on the menu they call it simply an Espresso over Ice Cream. If you’ve never had one…get one. 

The prices at Gentle Brew are geared towards the locals not city dwellers or foreign visitors so you can get a large brew for under $3 and everything else is reasonably priced. 

Gentle Brew has seating available inside as well as tables and benches on the boardwalk. I am so psyched that there is finally a great spot for a Cold or Hot Brew by the shore. 
Gentle Brew is located on the Boardwalk right off National and at 151 East Park Ave  


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