While discussing Best BBQ spots with a bud at work…to protect the guilty let’s call him Wonder-Boy, he mentioned a spot I had yet to hear of, Pig Beach. Thoughts of roasted meats, cold beers and bikinis danced in my head. 

Reality turned out not to be too far off. The outdoor space is ginormous with plenty of picnic tables and high tables to sit and a cool bar in back with a good mixed crowd. 

You place your order and wait on line Texas style. We ordered a half rack of Ribs, a Karl Elmer made in Queens hot dog that we topped with Mac n Cheese, the Yankee Red Hot sausage and a Pig Beach burger. 

We grabbed seats at one of the community high tops. I chatted up a cute blonde asking what she thought about the food. Turns out she was there for a Frisbee meet-up and had already eaten elsewhere, she didn’t know Pig Beach was a BBQ joint! Can’t make thus stuff up… 

Ribs- Off the damn charts, some of the best I’ve ever had. Not sure what they are glazing it with aside from honey, but I tasted cherries

Karl Elmer Hot Dog- Got it topped with Mac n Cheese sauce. While very good, I expected Mac noodles and it’s just cheese sauce.

Sausage – stuffed with provolone and hot cherry peppers …loved it. 

Burger – Go Briggie or go home…My Cuz said “You want a burger at a BBQ joint? Yes. We shared a single(comes with cheese, pickles, and special sauce) and had it topped with pulled pork…they could open a side biz just selling these awesome burgers 

In the back is a nice sized bar with a great selection of craft brews on tap and in cans as well as some interesting cocktails. Started up with Other Half Hogwash IPA’s and a very good Gose by Single Cut with a hint of Hibiscus. To finish the meal we decided to hit the cocktail list and went Off The Grid a nice spin on a margarita made with Mescal, smoked Sage Agave, Pineapple and Lime. 

Pig Beach is epic and well worth jumping on the F or G for some serious good eating, drinking and fun. Stay tuned for more exciting finds from Wonder-Boy. 

Pig Beach  is located at 480 Union Street, Brooklyn 


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