She’s in the mood for a steak, but you’re craving seafood, you’re looking for something new on the side…you’re bro has a sweet tooth. Quality Eats’ menu can cater to all of the above but…caveat emptor its menu also varies wildly portion wise. 

I liked the selection on their cocktail menu and a Sparkling Negroni and a Key Monkey(Gin infused with Strawberries, with mint and lime) were ordered up. They arrived looking like half portions, my bro literally asked when he could have the 2nd half of his drink. The drinks are so small and at $13…I would recommend getting pre-drink cocktails at nearby Highlands or Happiest Hour where like priced drinks are excellent and twice the size. 

For starters we went with the Hamachi with Pineapple and Pistachios and the Crab and Avocado. Both were very good, but were extremely disproportionate size wise. The Crab with Avocado was excellent and I was pleasantly surprised portion wise how much crab meat it had. The Hamachi dish was minuscule and at $16 grossly overpriced. I probably should have sent it back for something else.

For our entrees the Branzino portion served filleted looked small but I was told it was very good. My Hanger Steak was a nice portion of thick juicy delicious cooked rare as ordered beef and came with a nice side salad. I Ordered a glass of Cab (Grapesmith and Crusher) from their excellent by the bottle or glass selection which I believe is the way to go here. For sides The Corn Elote was very good, but the Spinach Tator Tots were awesome and huge! Side Dish of the Year? 

For desert you must go with their homemade Ice creams. We ordered the Banana with Bacon and Peanut Caramel which was very good but the Smores made with Burnt Marshmallow Ice Cream stole the show. 

Overall I really enjoyed the meal, but feel that they really need to increase the size of their cocktails and rethink their portions. If you order the right items you will be very happy, but I could see ordering the wrong combo’s and while liking them needing to go for pizza afterwards. The menu does accommodate the hungry and those looking for light and tasty but you only find this out the hard way. 

Quality Eats is located at 19 Greenwich Avenue 


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