Love Pop Art and have a thing for the surreal? I originally came upon the Surrealist inspired Pop Art works of Sue Tsai on Instagram of all places. When she posted that she had an upcoming show and pop-up shop down on the Bowery I had to check it out. 

I had the opportunity to chat with her a bit about her new works. She’s influenced by Surrealist and Pop Artists that include Dali, Murakami, and Warhol. I love her use of dreamlike imagery and how her colorful characters practically pop off the canvas. I also find interesting how many of the figures in her paintings have Teddy-Bear like bodies but no faces(further and deeper thought required). My favorites of her works from the show are 
Kaleidoscope Coral Reef -Deep Sea-Diver
Tunnel Vision -Super Cat-Girl 
Emotional RollerCoaster -Speaks for itself 

Sue Tsai aside from being a very talented Artist is also a rather shrewd business woman. If her beautiful and rather large originals are out of your price range you can acquire limited edition copies of her work or merchandise like iPhone covers, T-shirts, or a pillow to rest your head against while day-dreaming. For the time being I will have to suffice with her limited edition for the show T-shirt and add her to my list of Artists to keep an eye on…

Sue Tsai’s Misadventures of the Heart is located at 208 Bowery from August 11th to the 28th. 


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