Do you like licking the spoon when someone is making homemade cookies? Did you stop because it’s bad for you or you got yelled at for doing so? Well the Ladies of Cookie DO have a recipe that you can safety eat, it’s delicious and comes in over a dozen flavors. Of course you can just bake the dough as well for yummy cookies.

I picked up two pints to field test the goods. One of the Gimme Smores since my nephew loves making Smores and the Fluffernutter, peanut butter dough with marshmallow and chocolate chips:) We tried the stuff raw the night I brought them and cooked up some cookies the next day after the family BBQ. The kids loved the stuff raw best, while the adults preferred them as cookies, thought we throughly enjoyed them raw.

The best part was my Sister-in-Law at first telling the kids they couldn’t have it raw…”but Uncle Steve said we could” until my Bro pulled up on his iPad DO’s website stipulating it was made to eat raw. Either way you like it this a great desert to bring over as a gift or just keep around the house. 

Cookie DO is located at 201 2nd Aveune on the 2nd floor. 


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