I have a trip coming up and I needed a new re-charger. I read good things about the Fluxmob Bolt and after reaching out to them for where to get one in NYC (the places I thought would have it did not) a Customer Service rep replied to my e-mail inquiry that AG Gears had it. 

I hopped on the subway (it’s right off the (N,R) and popped into a very cool store filled with electronic gadgets and gifts(see pics) in an all white minimalist setting. Grace their PR Manager not only went over the Bolt and other options with me, she then helped me with a much needed new set of ear-phones(they offer a large variety to choose from and you can test them). I got a sweet pair from RHA

While checking out when I told Grace I was getting them for a trip to Japan she shared she goes regularly and started writing down places for me to go! Totally taking Customer Service to another level! If you’re looking for some sweet tech gear with form and function in mind for yourself or for gifts check out AC Gears. I may need to swing back for a Samurai Sword handled umbrella…

AC Gears NYC is located at 69 East. 8th Street 


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