Gino’s  has been my usual stop for slices forever…so a full on sit down diner before popping on the LIRR(it’s literally right across the street) was long overdue. 

The dining room is fairly large and who would think the on the other side of this tastefully decorated spot with nice comfy booths is a Pizza Joint. Gino’s has a fairly large menu composed primarily of classic Italian-American dishes. 

She went Eggplant Rollatine with Pasta Pomodoro, I went with my usual old school red sauce joint Shrimp Parm and decided to watch my girlish figure by going with the side salad(which was big enough for two…I shared my cherry tomatoes). To drink a glass of Italian Savingon Blanc. 

Portions here are fairly large and we both took half our dinners home. Which even the leftover portion was a filling meal. I love Gino’s everything pie and their Eggplant slice…so it’s great to know it makes a very enjoyable dining spot as well. Add this to your Old School Red Sauce, Long Beach and Long Island restaurant lists. 

Gino’s is located at 16 West Park Avenue in Long Beach. 


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  1. Looks great.. now I’m craving for eggplant parm

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