One of Chinatown’s oldest Dim Sum restaurants Nom Wha (1920!)just opened a new fast and causal spot in Nolita to sate your Soup Dumpling and old school Chinatown dishes cravings during the week and at night. It’s a cool little space with community tables, cool Street like Art on the walls and tunes playing. 
The menu is limited but has more than enough to choose from. There are a number of Dim Sum to choose from, a few Slurp(soup) bowls, Rice dishes and what they call Sidekicks.If your paying with a credit card you place your order via the iPad on the wall(which reminded me of Ramen joints in Japan), with cash,at the counter.

I decided to go with the Pork and Chicken Siu Mai, Pork Soup dumplings and the Cantonese-smoked chicken leg with ginger to sample the goods. Everything was tasty and authentic. The chicken having more meat than I expected. Actually managed to not burn the roof of my mouth eating the Soup Dumplings. If you’re jonesing for Dim Sum during the week check this place out. 

Nom Wha Nolita
is located at 10 Kenmare Street 


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