Do you like vodka and large spaces with amazing views? If so, I highly recommend doing a tour of the City Industry Distillery. From NYC it’s just jump on the N(e)RD Subway and a 5 minute stroll over. 

Ronak one of the founders a modern day “Mad Alchemist” greeted us and gave a great tour of the space and process where we all learned quite a bit. For instance you can make Whiskey and Vodka out of the same base materials. Turns out it’s how you distill it at the end that makes it one vs the other. The team at ICD use Sugar Beets as their base since they found it creates practically no waste which is a major factor when you Distillery is in a building vs on a farm. 

I was blown away by how small a space they actually start the process of fermentation and then go on to distill it in. It’s actually where they bottle and store that take up far more space. I was not expecting Vodka made in overgrown test tubes to be this smooth or good. It has a very slight burn, good mouth feel, and kind of a hint of marshmallow creaminess to it….don’t think sweet but more like a high end homemade marshmallow you get on better baked goods or in haute hot Chocolate. 

After the tour hit the Bar serving a variety of drinks. Our crew tried the following 

Purple Rain– one of the best drinks I’ve had in 2016. Not sweet at all like it sounded it might be,but refreshing with some punch to it. Lavender infused Gin based. 
Parkstrom – Nice and refreshing using  House-made Aquavit with Cucumber and Lime. 

Martini – on the one hand a well made drink, but for me too much Vermouth and I’m not a fan of the Coup glass. It looks like a shot to me. The Kaffir Leaf really worked.

Chilli Bee -of the drinks the sweetest and least punch but tasty. Their Lemoncello the base. 

The Standard – if you want Vodka and nothing fancy the way to go. A nice pour of their superior vodka on the rocks(you can go neat or with a slash) and a …I think cucumber works best bit feel free to chose a citrus wedge. 
Commandeer a table by the huge windows and check out some pretty awesome views(Of note, They have live music and comedy nights). 

Due to the crazy laws of NY State you cannot purchase a bottle on site, but it’s available at plenty of sites in the city and boroughs. I will be adding a bottle to my bar at home. While it can easily be used for mixed drinks I don’t recommend it for that based on its flavor and price point approx $35-40 a bottle). This Vodka is best sipped on the rocks, with a high quality splash of tonic or club Soda and for Martini’s. I think with the right Sake this could make a great Saketini…

Industry City Distillery is located at 33 35th Street 6A, in Industry City Brooklyn 


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