I originally popped in here doing some recon for gifts for some of the excessively difficult to buy for femme familia(my Niece, Sis-In-Law, etc) in my life and though I did see some cool and cute stuff to potentially come back for…it was when I saw the laptop/day bags and cool T’s in the Benga Rabbit and Plazma Lab booth that really caught my eye. 

I’ve been looking looking for a smaller backpack for when I just want to carry my sketch book, pencils, a book, rechargers, and assorted small items and don’t need a full sized backpack. Though I wasn’t looking for something in a laptop like bag shape the Benga Rabbit bag(of note, it is not made of Leather, thus Vegan friendly)with multiple pockets inside hit the bill of what I was looking for. Plus I loved the Endless Summer like print on it(they have a number of cool prints to choose from)

I have way too many T-shirts…I recently donated dozens(many) to homeless shelters to make space…but like a girl who can’t have enough shoes…if I see a t I really like, sometimes I just gotta have it. The organic cotton ones from PlazmaLab come with some very cool prints from Israeli Artists that were like nothing I have, I held strong only getting one. Question is can I hold off from getting another one and maybe one of their awesome looking heavyweight sweatshirts…

BengaRabbit and PlazmaLab are available at The Market NYC at 290 Mulberry Street and On-Line 


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