Queens new school classic Cocktail lounge Dutch Kills opened a sister location in where else…but Williamsburg. The menu offers classic cocktails, revivals of drinks from way back and new sensations. 

A number of their drinks combine homemade Ginger syrup, fresh Lime juice, soda-water and your choice of poison (Gin, Vodka, Rum, Bourbon or Rye). I went Rye for a change of pace and the Rye with the spicy Ginger made a great drink. My bud had a twist on an old fashioned stating it’s the best drink he’s had in a while. I also enjoyed a White Negroni which came up while discussing variations on drinks with our friendly and rather knowledgeable bartender. 

The Bartenders here really are top notch and great. The interior is a very cool space with cocktail tables up front and a very long bar. A great spot for a date or drinks with friends. Of note,  they have an Ice House in Queens where they make their own ice and cut and saw it into different shapes(see pics) for different drinks. It actually makes more of a difference than you may think. When in Williamsburg, check out Dutch’s sister. 
Fresh Kills is located at 161 Grand Street 


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