While doing a mini bar hop on 14th Street, on a friends recommendation I popped into The Belfry  to check out their Shot and Pickleback menu. It’s a cool spot for Happy Hour and beyond. They have a great selection of beers, pickle backs and cocktails. My cousin and I threw down three of the five Picklebacks…

Bentley – Bourbon with a spicy brine back that was Bloody Mary like 

Tickle-back – Mezcal with a Spicy brine back

The Jameson – Jameson Black with a Spicy Brine back

(Of note, the Standard which is Bourbon with a Sour back is $5 all the time, the others are not on the happy hour). 

We chased them down with a number of Craft Beers including the Ommegang Nirvana. 
Inside the The Belfry is a good looking space inside would be good for a date on a slow night, though it seems to get more groups. Music can be a bit loud at times, would like to see them lower it to accommodate conversation. 

If you’re looking for a new spot for a fun Happy Hour and especially if you have a yen for Picklebacks check this place out…

The Belfry is located at 222 East 14th Street


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