Do you love animals, especially the big Cats, Elephants and Bears? Have a thing for wildlife photography as well? Does poaching and the thought that near future generations may not be able to see Lions, Elephants and Rhino in the wild make your blood boil(it does mine)?

If so, you must head over to the Rotelle Gallery in Soho to see the amazing works of David Yarrow for yourself. David started out in Finance, but always had a passion for photography. He shared that he believes that the  “Camera is a conduit to what you feel inside”, which I felt really hit home. 

He used to go to Peter Beards galley The Time is Now in Soho for inspiration and now some years later his works adorn the walls of the finest galleries and collectors. David transformed his need for risk from the financial world to his passion for conservation and taking photos of animals up close and personal. In some cases waiting in a cage to get photos of the big cats. 

He gave a great speech on his work and his efforts with with TUSK who funds community programs, anti poaching, and education programs across Africa. He’s a master storyteller who uses his camera to not only capture the beauty of the natural world, but to effect change for future generations. 

David made himself available thoughout the evening to discuss his work and I had the opportunity to discuss the many challenges faced in working with some African countries and how incredible Tigers are in their natural environment. His new book Wild Encounters is pretty amazing and available at the gallery and on-line. 

Rotella Art Gallery is located at 468 West Broadway 


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