There used to be a time when you couldn’t find Ramen in Murray Hill unless it was instant in a Grocery store. Lately Murray Hill is turning into a Little Tokyo and it’s newest Ramen joint is also a Japanese Gastropub aka Izakaya. 

Yamoto offers a number of different Ramen to choose from, Donburi(rice bowls),Yakitori and appi’s. I had their  spicy Tonkotsu for lunch and it was very good packing some heat. I now have to see if their “Spicy as Hell” lives up to its name while still being tasty and not just hot. 

Being an Itzakaya the space has two horseshoe shaped bars and a nice sized selection of Sake. Of note, they have a Happy Hour that features food and drink specials. At this time I’ve only enjoyed their Ramen so I will need to hit their Happy Hour to check out more of the menu. 

Yamato Ramen & Izakaya is located at 542 Third Avenue


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