Walking in I knew I likely was not getting a table without a long wait. As it turned out I was seated immediately(I don’t believe this is typical, my neighbors at the bar waited over an hour, and they were two cute girls, I was with no head turner, just my cousin). 
The dining room is a beautiful space with an open kitchen featuring two huge domed wood burning ovens taking up a fair amount of the space. There is no bar for drinks, it is used for additional seating space, perfect for a view of the mesmerizing fire under those glorious domes.

The menu is fairly small made up primarily of appetizers and wood fired Pizzas. They have a few Pasta’s and about as many wood fired entrees along with some sides. Having said that, what they do, they do right. 

We ordered up their White Clam Pizza to start, the Pork Shank in jus with fennel to share (it comes with a side of lightly dressed Arugula to cleanse the palette) and the Brussel Sprouts with Smoked Mozzarella. As to how good they were…the girls to my right noted we “out-ordered” them. In all fairness I’m kinda a semi pro when it comes to that. 

To drink Pasquale Jones has an extensive yet fairly expensive Wine selection by the bottle. However I felt they offered too few by the glass, only a few beers and no cocktails. I would like to see them offer a larger selection of wines by the glass and more bottles under $100 (who drinks $350-$2,000 bottles of wine with Pizza, even when it’s this good?).

Also, for those with a sweet tooth they generally do just one desert a night that is usually fruit with some gelato. Luckily the neighborhood has plenty if you’re looking for something more.

Overall Pasquale Jones is a great spot that works for a date, a group or one’s family members birthday. 

Pasquale Jones is located at 187 Mulberry Street 


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