I should have known better than to pop in and see out of curiosity’s sake what type of pies Petee’s Pie Company offered and how they looked. A group of girls from a Bachloreete party were moaning over their slices. How could I not join in…and get some? 

Petee’s offer a number of fruit, cream and chocolate pies available by the slice or pie that make choosing one rather challenging. To add to your dielemma in choosing your treat are cheese cakes, cookies and even some savory pies.  
I couldn’t decide if I should get the Coconut Creme pie with a Cherry Nut cookie or the Cherry Pie slice with the Coconut Macaroon…I went with the former but will be back for the later.

Space is limited inside, it’s really for take out. They do have hot beverages available to wash your Pie down if like the Bachelorette Party you just can’t wait to satisfy your cravings and desires… 

Petee’s Pie Company 
is located at 277 Broome Street 


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