2017 is being hailed amongst other things as the year of the square sliced Pizza. Since I’ve been eating Sicilian since I was a kid and Grandma style slices for years, I don’t exactly consider it a trend, just a variation on something I love…Pizza. 

Williamsburg Pizza offers a variety of grandma style square pizzas loaded with toppings along with a few old school round pies and some sandwiches and salads as well. 
What I really like about this place is that their square slices are available  by the pie and by the individual slice(drives me crazy when Pizza joints don’t offer by the slice). I went with slices of their Paesano and the Kale Taleggio (see ingredients in the pics) which were both totally covered with high quality toppings. I need to go back to try the Messina and the Apple Bacon…

The LES location (this is the Sister spot to the original in Brooklyn) is primarily geared towards take-out but they do have a few tables and window ledge space available for seating. Definetly add this to your Pizza spot lists…tell your old school friends about the great sausage on the pies and your hipster friends about Pizza…cut…in squares! 

Williamsburg Pizza
is located at 277 Broome Street 


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