After my last trip to Israel I couldn’t understand why there were next to none Israeli fusion Med spots in NYC. The food is delicious and New York has a large Jewish population as well as Middle Eastern and people of the Med. 

12 Chairs is a cool space with a bar and tables indoors as well as out. Street Signs from Tel Aviv adorn the walls. Tasty Israeli-Med-American cuisine includes salads, sides, sandwiches, entrees and a cocktail menu. The sandwiches here  are very good and comes with maybe the best and biggest side salad out there. I had the Tunisian their Med twist on a tuna sandwich using spicy Harissa dressing, olives, egg, and potatoes on my first visit. 

Before I left I spoke with the management team and staff and they told me if I liked their sandwiches I needed to come back and try their Hummus. 

I took their advice and came back for the Hummus Meat platter. It has ground beef, pine nuts and mudhroooms on top of the smooth, creamy and tasty Hummus with a side of pickles and olives and that amazing Israeli style pita bread to scoop it up with. Quite simply some of the best Hummus I’ve had in the states.  

If your looking for some healthy,delicious  and nutritious Med food and want to sample some modern Israeli cuisine add 12 Chairs to your Must Have Food of the Med list. 

12 Chairs is located at 342 Wythe Street in Williamsburg (It is the sister location to their original Soho spot)


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