I caught up with a couple of buds to do a little recon on the craft brew scene in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn. We started at Strong Rope a Micro Brewery right around the corner from the Union Station stop. It’s a cool little spot that falls under the “Thinking Man’s” Beer Bar vs a rant and rage party spot. 

From their selection of ten brews two of us choose the Balance of Power a nice classic Pale Ale and our friend had to order Year in the Weeds a Double IPA. He enjoyed it though maybe a little disappointed their was no ganja infused in it. Of note, they rotate their selection often.

Strong Rope Brewery is located at 574 President Street 

Next up we headed about four blocks up from the subway entrance to Threes Brewery a Great Micro Brewery that carries their own house made and local craft beers. It’s a huge space with a long long bar and a number of tables. This place is rather lively and could serve to enjoy a fine beer or to throw’em down with shots. I would have sworn I was in Minneapolis or Oregon looking at the crowd in their flannels, trucker and cowboy hats…did any of these people ever see a razor…?

It was not easy choosing a beer from their selection of 24 on tap. We went with their Three’s There You Are an IPA with hints of mango and citrus. I love that they have  mini cocktail boiler-makers. How awesome is that?!? I went Negroni (Campari and Gin) my buds went old school with Four Roses Whiskey. These are not full shots, but only an extra $1 and just the right size. If you get hungry Meat Hook is right inside for grub and they even have a Ninth Avenue Coffee joint for a jolt of Joe.

Threes Brewery is located at 333 Douglas Street 

I was up for another drink or three, but my buds were already hungry and one of them had to get up very early to jump on the train to D.C. For the #WomensMarch so we headed back towards Union to Dinosaur BBQ so he could man up on some BBQ and more beer before donning his pink knit pussyhat.

The Brooklyn location of the mini-chain is a ginormous space offering large portions of tasty BBQ. We dug in to some great Ribs and tasty Wings. However they had already run out of Pulled Pork and Brisket before 9pm…which amazed me. The sides were very good, the Poutine would have been better with Pulled Pork but good nonetheless with chicken. Dinosaur has a pretty good beer selection but I think they need to expand it a bit.

Fully sated after some serious BBQ and tasty craft brews it was time to call it a night and pop back on the subway. I recommend all theee of these spots…but the most do for me here is the mini cocktail boiler makers with craft brews at Threes Brewery

Dinosaur BBQ is located at 604 Union Street 


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