She’s craving a burger, you’re trying to watch your girlish figure and want a tasty healthy salad. Ruby’s of Soho recently opened up a sister restaurant in Kips Bay whose menu will make you both happy. 

Both locations offer the same Menu full of great Aussie style burgers(they top them with pineapple and beets), egg “Breakie”dishes, a number of pastas, and the best Fish and Chips I’ve had in a while. If you love fries, you must get their fries with truffle mayo. 

For those looking for something lighter, the Menu has plenty of healthy choices for those who prefer veggie and grains like Quinoa bowls with avocado and soft boiled eggs, Of course, they have Avo Toast and a number of salads like the Shrimp with Avo, Fennel and Mandarin oranges. 

To drink Beer and Wine is available and of course a large selection of coffee bean beverages including the Aussie fave a Flat White. 

This location gets as packed with a good looking crowd as the one in Soho, it’s a bit bigger with more table space. If your looking for a hip spot in this hood, now you have a spot. 

Ruby’s Cafe is located at 442 3rd Avenue


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