After getting my mind blown by all the amazing Street Art in Bushwick I literally stumbled upon KCBC while looking for a spot for a cup of Coffee in Bushwick. However when I saw Robot Fish IPA on the door, realized I just found a new (to me at least) brewery, I decided I needed cold hops more then brewed beans. Inside it’s a huge open space with the available on tap brews up on the menu above the the bar.

I grabbed a spot on the corner of the rather long bar and after checking out the available selection of beers on tap I ordered up the Robot Fish which happened to be such tasty a brew I took a Sixpack of it home. Most of the beers at KCBC are served in 14oz mugs for an average of $6 for far from avenge beverages. 

The bartenders are friendly and the place gets a rather interesting crowd. They also have events throughout the month so check out their Website for info. Add KCBC to your list of great local Brewery’s. 

Kings County Brewers Collective is located at 381 Troutman Street 


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