Getting hungry after taking in all the great streetart by the Bushwick Collective? Just up the block on Troutman is Montana’s Trail House an oasis with great Nuevo Southern food and a full cocktail menu. 

Montana’s food menu is not an easy one to decide on, there is simply too much to choose from even over Brunch. While trying to decide between the Fried Chicken Biscuit, their Burger, or getting a side of Sausage and and Cheese Grits for a meal I heard the waitress reciting the special of the day at the table over from mine…

“biscuits covered in sausage, bacon, jalapeño gravy with a sunnyside egg on top… ” I wanted that…but then I hear the waitress say “only one left”. Luckily the guys at table thought it sounded a little too heavy (hipsters). I turnaround and say “I’ll take it”…”waitress said “sold”. 

I choose well, it was the best new Brunch dish I’ve had in a while, both smoky and spicy. Yes it was a bit  filling, but nothing I couldn’t and didn’t walk off checking out more of the hoods awesome StreetArt. While I was tempted to get a Bloody Mary I kinda needed Coffee more and they carry local Oslo Coffee plus they were serving the Thor. 

I definitely need to come here to sample more of this delish Southern food in the badlands(well not quite so much anymore) of Bushwick Brooklyn.  

Montana’s Trail House is located at 445 Troutman Street 


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