Love Negroni’s? Dante NYC recently won Best Negroni in NYC. They have an entire Negroni Menu with a dozen variations on one of my favorite drinks. I make some pretty damn good ones at home and even converted die hard Campari drinkers to my White Negroni’s. So would this place live up to the hype? I decided to check out their Happy Hour(4-7pm) to find out for myself. 

The Negroni’s at Dante NYC blew me out of my seat their variations are so damn good, their bartenders are some of the best in the city, especially Michael who I watched make three drinks at once and it’s now one of my favorite spots in NYC. 

I enjoyed two of their seasonal’s The Lavender a spin on a White Negroni was great, Next up really impressed me. The unlikely substitutes Tequila for Gin, keeps the Campari and adds banana, pineapple, some chile and a hint of sesame. I don’t know how they came up with this concoction but it’s amazing. 

This is a very cool spot with a great vibe and eclectic crowd. You come here to enjoy perfectly made cocktails…sip them, enjoy them, contemplate which to order next. If you get hungry they have a nice Italian menu(they serve breakfast, Lunch , Dinner and Brunch). Of note, though under new ownership, Dante NYC  has been around since 1915 making it a landmark. 

Dante NYC is located at 71 McDougal Street 


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