Once in a while I meet someone that says or does something that blows my mind. Last night at The Martin Lawrence Galleries event for Douglas Hofmann while speaking with the Artist about his work and process he stated he does his paintings left to right. Wait…say what? My brain runs what he said…

  • Importance of Initial sketches and sketch on canvas
  • Wash with acrylics (like the Old Masters did though with oil) 
  • Then start the painting with oil working from Left to Right 

I paint for a hobby so I understand the process…except for the fact that he paints from left to right. My brain cant’t process it. I’ve never seen or heard of this before. Yet, he continues to explain why in a logical fashion. Mind blown. His brain literally works on another level. It’s as if on some subconscious level right under his consciousness his brain is seeing the completed work and translating through his hand it onto the canvas…from left to right.

Douglas Hofmann’s photorealistic portraiture figures are amazing by themselves. However that’s not challenging or enough for him. He puts complex backgrounds that vary from tapestries to gardens to rooms full of people with intricate wood floors, figures reflected in mirrors and paintings within the paintings of most of his pieces. 

Go check out his amazing work for yourself. If by the way you are more interested in how the brain works read Leonardo’s Brain by Leonard Shlain. Mind totally blown. 

Martin Lawrence Galleries is located at 457 West Broadway 


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