What looks like just a great spot for a beverage is far more than it seems with a great kitchen turning out delicious American GastroPub food with a Southern Twist on a number of their dishes. 

I started with a craft brew from their great selection while my bud ordered an off the menu “what their having” cocktail the couple next to us were raving about. While we waited for his girl and some friends to join us he ordered up some Calamari which was perfectly lightly fried with a tasty chipotle mayo. 

I wasn’t ready for dinner yet, but the Corn and Shrimp chowder sounded good so I ordered some up. Turned out to be one of the best soups I’ve ever had. While eating it a pretty girl at the bar noticed it, asked about it, started chatting and as it turned out she was a friend of a friend and joined us for drinks. 

The bartenders here are superior, some of the best I’ve experienced in a while. Evan came up with an number of great drinks including a Gin based one with Fernet, and a Carrot shrub. 

We then ordered Boulton and Watt’s  signature dish, the Angus Chicken served over mashed potatoes which was juicy, perfectly seasoned and delicious.  

I asked our bartender for a riff on a Negroni one of my fave drinks. He did a lighter higher end version using a superior Gin, Aperol instead of Campari and Cochi Americano vs. a basic vermouth. Fortified on great food and drink we headed off into the night to continue our evening 

Boulton and Watt is located at 5 Avenue A


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