Only in NYC ….a cute little spot for multi-flavored marshmallow’s. My Bro and his kids love S’mores so I had to pop in and check out the goods for potential(Read:To Tease:) summer treats. 

Each flavor is available nude or dipped in chocolate. I love chocolate but since I eat so much of it decided to go naked…so to speak. I tried three out of Squish Marshmallow’s  8+  flavors. 

Banana – totally nailed the flavor of the fruit. Would be awesome over chocolate or coconut ice cream 

PB & J – blew me away this was so good…childhood memories in a squishy yummy cube 

Rocky Road – would make a tasty S’more on its own sandwiched between graham crackers 

If you’re looking for something new to satisfy your sweet tooth check out these tasty delights…the Dim Sum of deserts. 

Squish Marshmallow is located at 120 Saint Marks Place 


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