San Carlo Osteria
is one of those places that’s transports you to Italy the moment you step through the door due to their combination of superior food, top notch service, and the atmosphere that Moreno’s warm and friendly staff creates. 

Their $15 lunch includes an appetizer and an entree (both offer a number of options to choose from, some items have an additional nominal charge) of superior Piedmontese cooking. From the appetizer selection I choose the Calamari which was perfectly lightly fried with a squeeze of fresh lemon and marinara sauce for dipping. 

For my entree the Pescato Del Girogo (Fish of the day) with vegetables and potatoes sprinkled with olive oil and herbs made me think I was sitting by the sea in Capri. To complete my meal a pitch perfect double Espresso. 

San Carlo’s lunch special might just be the best deal in NYC due to the high quality of the food and superior service. This place would be equally great for a dinner date or business meeting that needed a touch of elegance. 

San Carlo Osteria Piemonte is located at 90 Thompson Street


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