Art Fairs are where creativity and commerce crash. Artists create works they have trouble giving up, while Collectors look for the next big thing. SuperFine is geared for those looking for the original works of new Artists yet at affordable pieces. Most are under $1000.00 and one of a kind. 

I personally view buying Art like buying wine(which if note, they pour with a heavy thumb at the bar here) it’s what you like not what it costs. You may not care much for a $$$$$ from Chateau Le blah but might love the $15 bottle with the funny label from Oz. The works at SuperFine include Pop Art, Mixed Media, Abstracts and Photography.

Here’s a sampling of my favorite from the show. Nino Liguori’s (featured piece) Allegorical Abstracts, especially his clever dyptiches. Sarah Tse’s imaginative images that integrate with an app to further bring them to life that Daria Pletneva of ArtiNyc was kind enough to demo for me.  

The the bright colored PopArt street scenes of Carmen Smith and Julie Gross and the PopArt Dino’s of Naoaki Funayama. 

Brian Leo’s
Pop Art with a message and the Con Artist Collective’s multi-media works. 

Kenneth Burris
fantastical pieces look like what HP Lovecraft would paint if climate change was on his mind and had a thing for bright colors. Abby Elizabeth’s pieces done with rice and plastic toy soldiers were very creative. Alex Dykes piece made me think social commentary ala Walking Dead on our obsession with beauty. 

Deming King Harriman won best name and had some cool multi-media collages that included a Samurai Tiger. Ryoto Unno Panda pieces were whimsical. Gallery 55BelleChasse works by Pascal Vochelet  were rather interesting and Hui Shen’s tasteful nudes of women in nature were beautiful. 

Kudos to Alex Mitow and his SuperFine team for putting together a fun event. Check out their up coming events in Miami and Mexico City.  


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