After hitting a number of spots for Happy Hour in Bushwick it was time to get something to eat. While discussing the hoods restaurants with KCBC’s General Manager, Casey, he recommended Amaranto, a Mexican spot I was not familiar with. The cocktails he described sounded simply too outrageous to not check out…oh and food. 

The menu here is far from your typical Mexican restaurant menu. It’s not big, but has plenty to choose from a selection offfering plenty of twists. We started with the Spicy Guac, which though very good, I didn’t find very hot(in all fairness, never ask me how spicy the food is or how cold the water is:). 

The cocktail menu was intriguing, I ordered the Zanahoria a spin on a Margarita with Tequila, carrot juice, lemongrass and chilies and one of my cousins  choose the Elote made Mezcal, corn and pineapple. While I really enjoyed the Zanahoria it was the Elote that really stood out. It was like drinking liquified sweet corn. 

As soon as I saw Seafood in Creamy Green Rice my decision was made. It was topped with a perfectly cooked and seasoned piece of salmon with shrimp and scallops in the rice. My cousins both choose land over the sea ordering Pork Lion with the house Mole and Carne Assada and Carnitas Tacos. Everything was flavorful, delicious and nice sized. I recently ate at a Haute Cuisine Mexican restaurant in NYC and far enjoyed this meal more. 

Amaranto is a great spot for delicious authentic Mexican food with some very tasty and creative cocktails. The price points for the quality and quantity of the food here make it a must add to your Mexican Restaurants in Brooklyn list. 

Amaranto is located at 887 Hart Street in Bushwick Brooklyn 


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