What looks like an old school Diner is more like a Southern GastroPub, full bar included. Jimmy’s Diner menu is broken down into a Breakfast which is served all day, and a fairly large selection of Breakfast bowls, Sandwiches/Burgers, Platters, etc. to choose from. Of course being Williamsburg they have a drink menu that has both cocktails and milkshakes with or without booze.

With so many good looking choices it wasn’t easy to make a decision, I eventually choose the Fried Chicken platter. It comes with three (3)pieces of Chicken, a choice of two(2) sides from a selection of a dozen and a slice of Cornbread. To be healthy I choose collard greens…with bacon and it was a coin toss between the Sweet Potato fries and Tator Tots. 

The waiter recommended the Tots and they turned out to be by far the best I’ve ever had. They were actually fried mash potato balls with Chipolte Mayo to dip them in. Amazing. The greens and Fried Chicken very good as well…but these Tator Tots were the stars of this show. 

Thought I was tempted for one of their milk shakes or a Bloody Mary, I held off on them for a future visit. Jimmys Diner is a great spot for a filing, fairly priced, though superior quality food meal. Just don’t bother counting the calories here…just concentrate on burning them off productively afterwards.

Jimmy’s Diner is located at 577 Union Avenue, Williamsburg Brooklyn 


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