When I was in Tokyo I was amazed at how many French Pastry shops I came upon especially in Ginza. So when I saw Patisserie Tomoko on Googlemaps located nearby the Sketchbook Projects new location in Williamsburg it looked like a potentially interesting spot for coffee and a treat. It turned out to be an amazing spot for French Pastries done primarily with Japanese flavors. 
The interior has a long curving bar to enjoy your pastries with Coffee or Tea. They even have flights of sweets combined with wine or sake. I however had just finished a heavy lunch so I wasn’t ready then and there for something, but could not walk out with buying some of their goods to go. 

They bake fresh donuts daily and the day I went was Yuzu glazed was one of the choices so grabbed one of them and since I love Macarons and they have a great assortment of flavors to choose from had to get some of them too. I got a five pack (so as not to blur my six pack 🙂 that included Pistachio, Rose, Yuzu, Chocolate Banana and Lavender Mint. 

The donut never made it home, enjoyed it over coffee later in the day. It was light, yeasty and delicious with the Yuzu glaze offering a citrusy not too sweet burst of flavor. The Macarons I actually managed to eat only one per day. Some of the best I’ve ever had. I also found they had a bit more substance to them and not brittle as most. All were delish, my faves the Rose and Lavender Mint. 

If you’re sweet tooth is craving something new and you have a thing for French pastries and or Asian flavors add this to your Sweets list…you will thank me for this one. 

Patisserie Tomoko is located at 568 Union Avenue, Williamsburg Brooklyn


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