It is finally Summer! Thus it’s time to start BBQing…though if you live in NYC and it’s boroughs that can be tough. So luckily we have BBQ joints like Butcher Bar, the new LES sister location to the Astoria Queens original. 
They have a great fairly priced selection of cocktails here served in glass jars. I started with their Smoked Cleaver a clever(see what I did there?:) twist on an Old Fashioned using almond washed bourbon with Black Averna (an Amaro) and Bitters which my friends ordered up once they tasted mine. 

By 9:45pm they had already sold out of their “meat candy”(burnt ends), bummer, though a good sign as well. We ordered the Smoked BBQ platter with ribs, pulled pork and brisket and from the sandwich menu The Monster (pulled pork and brisket with Habanero Cole slaw) It came with some very good Fries. 

As much as I enjoyed the Smoked Cleaver, the rest of the cocktail menu piqued my interest too much not to try something else. Like Blood Oranges? I love them, as well as heat. The Blood Moon had my name on it. Habanero Moonshine with Blood Orange and a splash of Peach Bitters. It had just the right blend of sweet and heat. 

For sides we choose Mac and Cheese with Chili and the Brussels Sprouts with Bacon. We liked the ribs and pulled pork a lot. The brisket was pretty good but sliced thin vs thick and juicy. Wondering if once they start selling it by the 1/4 pound if they will slice it thicker. The Monster was a very good sandwich and big enough for two with a side. 

Overall Butcher Bar’s BBQ is pretty damn good, the sides very good and the drinks great. I’m looking forward to coming back for the meat candy, more ribs, more from the cocktail menu and their Brunch sounds pretty tasty…plus Bloody Mary’s of course.

Butcher Bar is located at 148 Orchid Street 


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