Do you love Pizza Bagels? If that’s the case then then you may love Black Seed’s new “Bagel Rolls”. Quite simply they took bagel dough, shaped it like a hero, without the zero and sprinkled on sesame seeds. 

Now to make the Jewish American Hero you will need to get the Italian ingredients at nearby DiPalo’s. That’s right, neither of these places currently serve this creation. File this under, “it’s my blog I’ll write what I want to”. At DiPalo’s get their amazing (maybe the best I’ve had) Meatballs, a ball of Fresh Mozz, a pint/quart of Marinara and some Broccoli Rabe. 

I like to let the meatballs (sliced in half) simmer for a bit in the sauce and sometimes throw in some dried Italian hot pepper. After a bit I drape across them a slice of mozz on each and cover to melt. Slice lengthwise the Black Seed bagel hero roll, lay access the meatballs and melted mozz, layer on top the broccoli rabe. Mangia Bene!  

DiPalo’s is located at 200 Grand Street

Blackseed  is located at 170 Elizabeth Street (they also have an East Village location at 176 1st Ave)


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