It was my bro’s B-Day and since we are both difficult to buy for years ago we started taking each other out for Drinks and Dinner with maybe an event of flick thrown in. 
This year we started out at Bar Primi for some outdoor seating and people watching. My brother enjoyed their Paloma #7 a twist on a Margarita using both Tequila and Lime not once but twice. I love Negroni’s, so I tried both on the menu. I liked their Bianco, the Gin washed with olive oil but preferred the Boulevardier that substitutes Bourbon for Gin and a Red Wine Barolo infused with Chinotto. Will need to come back to dine sometime. 

Located at 325 Bowery 

We walked down Bowery to Pop International Galleries just in time to see Panmela Castro a Brazilian Street Artist and Women’s rights activist speak. Love her work and admire her humanitarian efforts.

Located at 195Bowery  

For dinner we dined at La Esquina Brasserie. I’ve eaten at the Taqueria numerous times but never at the downstairs restaurant. I’m all fairness it lived up to the hype. The space is beautiful , as s the crowd which literally included a former Bond Girl/X-Men and the food was great. We shared the Shrimp with Bacon and the Lamb Shoulder Tacos, Carnitas Tostadas and the Grilled Branzino with green veggies. I drank a Benjamin a hibiscus pineapple cinnamon drink topped with frozen Margarita.  

Located at 114 Kenmare Street

For desert we headed to a nearby fave Ice Cream spot but the line there was ridiculous so we walked to another I’m a huge fan of. Along the way we came upon Public, Ian Schrader’s new hotel which is a spectacular space, but decided to come back for drinks another night. 

Public is located at 215 

Finally we arrived at Oddfellows where we encountered no line, simply great friendly service and some of the best Ice Cream in NYC(known for creative flavors like Miso Cherry, Carrot Cake, Burnt Mashmallow). My Bro got a Hot Fudge Sunday, I went with a pint to bring home. Stay tuned for more like upcoming pieces compilation “Night Out” pieces… 

Located at 75 East 4th Street 


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