Do you crave Chocolate, but generally only prefer the good stuff as in Lady G…… Chocolates are what you consider low end? Then Gabriel Kreuther’s new Chocolate Factory/Shop is for you.

It’s run by his Pastry Chef extraordinaire Marc Aumont who creates ultra high end Chocolates and Pastries in both usual suspect and new flavor combinations at their factory on west 42nd right across from Bryant Park. It’s a nice little space inside with some tables if you choose to stay to enjoy your goods. 

I knew I wasn’t walking out with simply checking the place out. While I held off on the amazing looking Pastries (see pics) for another day I broke down buying some Truffles by the piece and a Dark Chocolate bar. From the rather large selection I choose the Pistachio Rosemary, Black Sesame, Raspberry and Coconut and the Coconut and Herb. 

All were incredible, I need to try some of the others flavor combos they came up with. For the bar I love it Dark, but they also come in Milk and White chocolate. Kreuther’s Chocolates are an absolute must for Chocolate lovers. Add this spot to your Sweet Treats list. 

Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate is located at 43 West 42nd Street 


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