I usually don’t like “cake” donuts, I generally prefer the Yeast of the species. However, when I saw that superstar hyper-creative Chef Wylie Dufresne was Du-ing Donuts at the new William Vale hotel I had to check them out. 

Good thing I did since Du’s Donuts are awesome and come in all sorts of creative, interesting and crazy flavor combo’s. Thus far I’ve enjoyed the Peanut Butter with Yuzu glaze and the Pink Lemonade with Pistachio glaze. 
However as good as the Donuts are the real hit here is one of the best Breakfast sandwiches in New York. Du’s does a scrambled egg grilled cheese sandwich with bacon. Epic! I’m craving another just thinking about it. 

To drink they keep it local using Brooklyn Roasters for their coffee to wash their Donuts and Epic Egg Sandwich down in a bright open airy space with friendly service. Add Du’s to your Donuts, Coffee spots, and Best Breakfast Sandwiches lists. 

Du’s Donuts is located at 107 North 12th Street 


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