My Mother is going to kill me if she finds out I ate this. I mean I was tempted to go for the Press Shop’s version of a Cuban…and the Bahn Mi sounded really good to, but Brisket with Swiss, Sautéed Onions, Mayo and au jus sandwiched in between Challah bread, pressed together. Well just look at it! 

Thing is they bill it as Grandma’s as in Jewish style brisket and I generally only eat Brisket Texas/Southern BBQ style. Until now. So here’s the thing, do not tell my Mom about this. Please, I will be in so much trouble for never eating her Brisket(of note, she is a very good cook:) 

The Press Shop is a great new spot in Soho for a variety of multi-cultural sandwiches made with high end ingredients. Though it may look like an upscale fast food joint it is most definitely not.  To drink they have a number of Lemonades, Iced Teas and Aqua Fresca’s. The Honeydew was awesome. 

Press Shop is located at 74 Bleecker Street 


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