Did you play drinking games in College, play them at your Summer and or Ski share…still play them? Like 80-90’s Movies and enjoy a drink or three(+:) ? Then this evenings entertainment may just be for you. 

The night I went to Littlefield the A Drinking Game NYC troupe did Clue as a play based on the movie based on the classic board game with one killer twist. They made it an interactive drinking game, thus not only for the audience…but the cast! 

Quite simply when certain names or phases are uttered, the cast and or the audience imbibes. Pace yourself, because sometimes a number come in rapid fire. The cast was awesome and was impressed how they kept it together while drinking. They had great chemistry and it showed. They also had as much if not more fun than the audience.

Seating is limited so either get there early or book in advance or just stand and be close to the bar. Which of note has a great fairly priced craft beer selection, Vino and some interesting sounding Cocktails(no food but they will let you bring in…def go to Wangs for easy to eat under your seat Popcorn Chicken).

This was a very fun and different event that makes you wonder why didn’t anyone think of this before? I highly recommend checking it out and plan on going to see more of their work. Check out upcoming shows on Littlefields website. 

Littlefield is located at 635 Sackett Street in Gowanus Brooklyn   


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