Love fried Chicken and Wings, Southern style sides, Korean and Vietnamese flavors? Then head on over to Wangs in Gowanus right off the R train at the Union station and go right up to the open window to place your order. The space inside is all kitchen. Wangs does have Picnic tables and benches right out front when it nice out. 

Wang’s menu offers Popcorn chicken(marinated in buttermilk and black pepper), half or whole Fried Chicken, Wings and a Bahn Mi sandwich. They have a number of condiments to dip your choice of chicken in (the cilantro and lime Mayo was yummy). 

Choose from a number of Southern style with Asian flavors sides. Go big and order the 3 for $12. I loved the Collard Greens with Chinese Sausage, Mac n Cheese with Korean Gochugaru and the Potato salad with Sesame aioli. I would love for them to open a location in NYC…hint-hint, but well worth jumping on the R for. 
Wangs is located at 671 Union Street in Gowanus Brooklyn  


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