Being early February in NYC, we are still hip deep in “soup” weather. If you work or live (or simply love and will travel for Ramen) by Sutton Place and the UN then Nishida Sho-ten has what you need and crave.

They offer six Ramens to choose from that vary from a vegan option to Spicy Tan-Tan. I enjoyed their Black Kakuni Ramen that comes with their thin house-made noodles, thick square cut pork (first time I’ve seen this),bok choy and egg.

There are a number of appi’s to choose from, I ordered up a Spicy Cod Roe Riceball…which has some heat from hot chili oil. For those who like Sake they offer a nice and fairly large selection.

The space is small which is fairly typical of many Ramen joints in Tokyo. There is an L shaped sit down bar and a handful of tables for 2-4. If you love Ramen I highly recommend you add this to your list.

Nishida Sho-ten is located at 302 East 49th Street

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