Looking for a great spot in Willamsburg for a large selection of high end twists on Margaritas and a number of other great cocktails? How bout Happy Hours…like those as well by any chance…

Casa Publica has a relatively new Happy Hour that goes from 5-7pm and has a great selection of Margaritas, beer, vino and snacks. From the Margarita selection you can have your classic on the rocks or frozen for $7. Add only another $1 to kick things up a notch with some fruit with or better yet with some heat.

I had the Tamarind Pasilla and the Pineapple and Chipolte on a recent visit. To go with them I got the trio of salsas with chips which are far superior and spicier than most. A number of my fellow drinkers had the guac which looked great.

I have not had the pleasure of dinner or brunch here yet but do plan on it. If you love Margarita’s you definitely need to add Casa Publica to your Happy Hour and Tequila/Mezcal based Cocktail joints.

Casa Publica is located at 594 Union Avenue in Williamsburg Brooklyn

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