Ever hear of Nikkei style food? Sen Sakana serves a fusion of Peruvian and Japanese food that is rather delicious. The space is a minimalist, yet fairly large and a stylish spot. The food is top notch fresh and delicious…but its also Japanese sized portions(read: small) and (expense account) expensive.

They have a great Happy Hour offering a large selection of premium cocktails for only $9.00 (this is NYC) with superior mixologists working the bar. The first time I went it was just for drinks and our bartender made us drinks off the menu to try out that included a Mezcal White Negroni, a Mezcal Sezerac and a Mezcal Daqari. Loved them all.

On my next visit it was to sample the food. We started with the Edamame with Choclo(Peruvian corn). Then it was onto the Ceviche comprised of the Corvina fish with Aji, Lime, Cilantro and Leche de Tigre Which was excellent and though it looked like a small portion it actually had a fair amount of fish in it. My favorite dish thus far here.

For entrees we shared the Sashimi for two which was of very high quality but also rather petite portions and the three rolls listed below…

Crunchy Yellowtail – Yellowtail, Avocado, Cucumber, Crispy Quinoa, Nikkei Green Sauce

Spicy Scallop – Scallop, Shiso, Nikkei Spicy Aioli, Cucumber

Eel-Fresh Water Eel, Avocado, Aji Panka Kabayaki, Sansho

These were all very good, different than your usual suspects, size wise these were closer to the portions in most places, but again kinda pricy.

Overall I highly recommend Sen Sekata for Happy Hour with some of the better Cocktails in the city. The food is very good, so I do recommend lunch or dinner here…just keep in mind the portions to price ratio is more geared towards those who do petite pilates rather than hit the iron.

Sen Sakata is located at 28 West 44th Street

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