Looking for an old school Red Sauce joint staight outta da Bronx…but with locations outside of it? Patriza’s seems like its been around forever but the first location actually opened up in 1991 and has since turned into a successful local mini-chain(locations throughout the boroughs, Long Island and Jerzy).

Their secret to success is simple…offer good quality basic classic Italian dishes done just right. Patrizia’s menu is available as individual portions or family style.

While deciding what to order from their large menu I dipped Italian bread in the heavy with garlic olive oil dish they put out. My bud loaded his bread with garlic and a dash of olive oil. He could have killed a Vampire from a 100 yards.

I choose the Shrimp and he the Chicken Parm. We both choose the Pasta with Pink Vodka sauce as our side and to attempt to be healthy went with some Broccoli Rabe.

Everything was delicious and tasted like an Italian Grandmother cooked it. Every neighborhood should have a place like this. The one I hit is their Kips Bay location.

Patrizia’s Pizza and Pasta is located at 462 2nd Avenue in NYC

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